What is the weight of jet fuel?

Answer One gallon of jet fuel weighs approximately 6.7 pounds. A Boeing 767 uses 50,000 lbs., or 7,463 gallons, of fuel to fly from Los Angeles to New York. It is common practice for airplanes to carry mo... Read More »

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What is the weight of a gallon of jet fuel?

The weight of jet fuel is one of the factors used in calculating the fuel requirements of a flight. Jet A fuel is used in the United States and its average weight is 6.84 pounds per gallon.Source:C... Read More »

How to Convert Weight to Volume Jet Fuel?

Fuel used in aircraft is typically measured in terms of mass rather than volume, such as for commercial automobiles. Nonetheless, it is sometimes important to know how much volume a tank of fuel in... Read More »

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