What is the weight of a tomato?

Answer In Central America the weight is 80-90 grams each. You can get 5 or 6 tomatoes in the market for every pound you buy.

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How can I measure the weight of a tomato plant?

Tomato plants can grow to be large and tall, producing numerous tomatoes. These plants can be weighed in a couple of unique ways without hurting the tomato plant. The true weight of the plants can ... Read More »

What is the difference between a sun dried tomato and a sun blushed tomato?

Answer I would guess that the difference would be that a sun blushed tomato (though I have never heard of it) would be a little less baked by the sun than a sun dried tomato.

What Keeps Tomato Worms Off of Your Tomato Plants?

Many pests afflict tomato plants and confound gardeners, professional and amateur alike. Tomato worms are some of the most common and most destructive of these pests. Fortunately, they are easily c... Read More »

Ive just found a red tomato on my tomato plant should I have it for my breakfast?