What is the weight of a paper clip in kilograms?

Answer A standard, uncoated metal paper clip weighs about 1 g. A standard-sized paper clip coated in plastic weighs about 1.5 g. A kilogram is made of 1,000 g. Therefore, the average paper clip weighs bet... Read More »

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What is the weight of a paper clip?

A metal paper clip weighs approximately 1 gram, according to Pamela J. W. Gore, a professor of geoscience at Georgia Perimeter College. This is equivalent to approximately .04 ounces. William D. Mi... Read More »

How to Convert Body Weight to Kilograms?

The United States uses the Imperial system of measurement; however, most of the rest of the world uses the metric system. Fields such as science and math in the United States have also largely adop... Read More »

How to Make a Paper Ball Launcher out of Just a Paper Clip?

Chances are that you have seen instructions somewhere on how to make a desktop trebuchet. This is how to make one that may not shoot the projectile as far, but it only takes two minutes and only re... Read More »

What kind of metal is a paper clip?

Paper clips can be made of a variety of materials. Traditionally, they are made from steel wire that has been formed into a distinctive oval shape. In addition, some paper clips are made from plast... Read More »