What is the weight limit to join the army?

Answer The weight limit for males and females in the U.S. Army depends upon their height and age. The Army allows a maximum weight of between 119 and 236 pounds for females, with shorter women held to th... Read More »

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What is the limit for the weight of luggage for airplanes?

Depending where your flight originates, you may be allowed up to 50 lbs. pounds for luggage if you are traveling from the U.S. If your flight originates outside of the U.S., you may be allowed betw... Read More »

What is the checked luggage weight limit?

Standard weight limit for airline luggage is 50 lbs. per bag, as of 2011. This weight restriction is down considerably from past years. There may be some flexibility as to weight allowance if you'r... Read More »

What is the BabyBjorn carrier weight limit?

There are several models of BabyBjorn carriers, including the Original Classic, and their suggested weight limits vary between 25 and 26 lbs. Make sure to check an individual carrier for its specif... Read More »

What is the weight limit in an average tanning bed?

Tanning bed weight limits depend on the manufacturer and type of bed. Most commercial tanning beds hold up to 300 or 400 pounds. However, some tanning beds hold more weight, while others may hold l... Read More »