What is the website where you can unblock blocked sites from a schools computer?

Answer there isn't one, it's blocked for a reason, get your own internet and do as you please on itWhat on the internet is worth losing your internet privledges completly? obviously you can't use it home... Read More »

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My school blocked EVERYTHING facebook, myspace, any proxy or unblock sites. what can i do i'm in withdrawl!?

You could try using Yuniti ( ), it often isn't blocked.

How do i unblock myspace from my school computer proxies are blocked too?

Illegal activities have been reported to the proper authorities!

Computer blocked from a website, but other computers are fine?

check other website working fine or not .. then open the CMD in windows type ping press enter ..if working reply from this shows or if not working request time out shows.. ... Read More »

Sites i can go to to unblock sites from my school?