What is the average weather for Houston, Texas?

Answer During its coldest month, January, Houston, Texas, sees an average low of 41 degrees and an average high of 63 degrees. Winter is the driest time of year, and February is the driest month, averagin... Read More »

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What Are Weather Predictions Based on Today?

Meteorologists are scientists who monitor and study the weather. By sampling a global network of weather stations and using satellite imagery, they can map out the positions of large air masses cir... Read More »

What Are Some Ways in Which Weather Is Forecasted Today?

Weather forecasts are used by governments to protect life and property, by utilities to help estimate demand, by farmers who need to know when to harvest crops, and by individuals to plann everyday... Read More »

Cold Weather Native Plants in Texas?

Texas is the home of thousands of cold weather native plants. The open plains of this huge state feature tenacious oak trees, shrubs, and weeds that grow in the wild. The winters are cold, only ena... Read More »

When to prune crape myrtle in in Texas weather?

You can trim them any time after they bloom. If you prune them in Oct., before they shed their leaves, you'll save on leaf cleanup. The ones I've pruned like this did just as well as those I've t... Read More »