Christmas Events Within 30 Miles of Georgetown, Texas?

Answer Georgetown, Texas, is renowned for its Victorian architecture and historic "small town" charm. The town's history dates back to 1848 when it was founded. The historic architecture and charming atmo... Read More »

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The weather where I live is supposed to be a Low 30degrees Fahrenheit. Will this kill my newly planted flowers?

Those flowers are fairly frost resistant. But to ease your worries you can always cover them with sheets or old table cloths or something. It will keep the cold air and moisture from condensing i... Read More »

How long is facebook supposed to be down today?

hopefully not long. I don't know how people know if it's down for maintainance because when I try to get on it just says I'm not connected to the internet :S

Wheres my 2012 tax refund that was supposed to be here today!?

Under no circumstances should you refile your taxes. That will cause a delay in your refund and a headache for IRS employees. It will also cause a notice to be generated and dropped in your mailbox... Read More »

I was supposed to start taking my pill again today but can't get any until tomorrow?

yes, i done this many times and read on the pack to use condoms also for at least 7 days after missing a pill, however when i went to get the implant, the subject came up with the doctor and he sai... Read More »