What is the weather like in the fall in Pueblo, Colorado?

Answer The weather in Pueblo, Colorado, is part Rocky Mountain low and part New Mexico high. According to the Western Regional Climate Center, yearly temperatures range from nippy teens to balmy 80s.Tempe... Read More »

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I'm going to Sydney Australia, on Thursday and was wondering what the weather is like over their?

Daisey it's there winter, going on last winter speaking to friends over there, on average anywhere between 17 and 21C, I guess, you can look it up.

What is the winter weather in colorado?

With the highest average altitude of any state in the U.S., Colorado winters are known as snowy and grueling. However, the mountainous regions in the state can often overshadow some of the more mod... Read More »

What is the coldest weather in Colorado history?

The coldest weather in Colorado history is -61° F. The temperature was recorded on February 1, 1985, in the small ranching town of Maybell, which is located in the northwest region of the state.Re... Read More »

Ski Resorts Nearest Golden Colorado?

Colorado, with an average of 300 days of sunshine and over 300 inches of snow each year, is the destination for 12 million visitors every winter, according to Colorado Ski Country USA. Golden, a su... Read More »