What does the gadsden flag mean?

Answer The Gadsden flag has a rattlesnake in the middle and the words "Don't Tread On Me" on the bottom. It became a symbol of American independence during the Revolutionary War.References:Gadsden Flag:Fo... Read More »

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I have an iPhone 4S live on the QLD Australia when I ask Siri what the weather is locally or what the weather is is says there's no weather information?

although i hate apple i know alot bout it you just need to go into her settings and if that dosnt work change your location and put it in the weather appAsker : in her settings i can only change ho... Read More »

Where is the Gadsden flag located?

The Gadsden flag, otherwise known as the Don't Tread On Me flag, is a yellow back-grounded flag with a coiled snake on it and symbolizes American freedom from oppression. You can buy a Gadsden flag... Read More »

Is flying the Gadsden flag a sign of domestic terrorism?

The Gadsden flag (a black snake on a yellow background, sometimes with the words "Don't Tread on Me" printed on it) is a symbol of anarchy, or displeasure with the government. It does not necessari... Read More »

Why does'nt the weather alert light work on my Midland weather radio?

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