What is the way to keep track of your passwords?

Answer Write the down on paper, Paper never crashes.

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How to Keep Your Passwords Secure?

Here are some suggestions on motivating yourself to change your passwords regularly to keep them secure.

Is there a way to delete your cookies but keep your saved passwords?

The best way to save your web passwords is to use a password "wallet" or "key-chain". If you are on PC I recommend Roboform or if you are on Mac I highly recommend 1Passwd.What these products do is... Read More »

Sliding doors on a 'track', what is the best way to keep them in the track?

Most sliding doors have rollers that roll on the track. There are usually 4 rollers with adjustment screws on the side to raise or lower the rollers to keep the door on track when adjusted properly.

Is there a computer program where you can keep your passwords and pins and they're kept secure?

i create a folder in my email and send it to myself for example a pin number for lloyds bank i would name for securityas john lloyd and put a false phone number with the last 4 digitsthat are your ... Read More »