What is a heaven bank note?

Answer Hell bank notes, sometimes called heaven bank notes, are pieces of paper in the form of spiritual "money" that is ritualistically burned in honor of deceased loved ones in China.Joss PaperHell bank... Read More »

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How to Know What Heaven Is Like?

What is heaven like? Some people fear it will be boring. That's understandable because of popular misconceptions about heaven. But it is a place of joy, beauty and meaning. Heaven is far better tha... Read More »

What was eddies job in the five people you meet in heaven?

What Do the Amish Believe About Salvation & Heaven?

The Amish communities of the United States and Canada grew from roots established in the 18th century when the first immigrants reached Pennsylvania from Europe. Other waves followed in New York, I... Read More »

What other artists sung stairway to heaven?

I posted a Web link- scroll most of the way down to the category called "covers." It's all there.