What is the water that breaks during pregnancy?

Answer It is the amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby in the uterus. It may not be a large amount of water and may also contain mucous from the "plug." Note the time that it happens and be sure to be ch... Read More »

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What do you do if your water breaks?

How do you know when your water breaks?

Answer Trust me, when you're water breaks more then likely you will know. There may be a sudden gush of water, or it can just leak, kind of like a leaky faucet. (drip drip drip) If you're water bre... Read More »

How many cm dilated will you be when your water breaks?

Unfortunately some times the water breaks before you have started to dilate at all. It is very important that if your water breaks you speak to your maternity care provider as there is an open path... Read More »

What does your water smell like when it breaks?

Apparently it doesn't smell like anything?