What is the waste water purification process?

Answer The conversion of waste water to a safe, usable form takes five basic steps. Contaminants ranging from sticks and trash down to bacteria must be removed to produce clean water.CoagulationAfter larg... Read More »

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What is the word for a type of water sanitation tank used to process solid waste?

DIY Water Purification?

More than 70 percent of the earth's surface is covered in water, yet 1.1 billion people still lack access to safe drinking water. Consequently, water purification methods are becoming increasingly ... Read More »

Is chlorine used in water purification?

Chlorine can be used to purify drinking water, making it safe for consumption. The chlorination of drinking water got underway in the 1920s and remains in use today, along with iodine purification.... Read More »

When was water purification invented?

There is evidence that humanity has been purifying drinking water since at least the year 2000 BC, when a Sanskrit text was written describing methods for water purification. The first filtration m... Read More »