Getting Your Washington State Driving Record?

Answer Driving records contain your driving history. A driving record includes when and where you obtained your driver's license, any accidents in which you have been involved and any tickets and warnings... Read More »

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How to Expunge a Criminal Record in Washington State?

Criminal records in Washington may be sealed or destroyed by a process called "expungement" or "vacating." If a record is sealed, that person can legally tell people, such as employers, that they h... Read More »

How long does a dui stay on a washington driving record?

In the state of Washington, alcohol-related convictions such as a DUI (driving under the influence) stay on the driving record for 99 years or life, according to the Washington State Department of ... Read More »

How to Obtain a Driving Record in Washington State?

Requesting and obtaining a driving record in Washington State is necessary in order to get information that can help you reinstate a driver's license or check whether a driver's license is valid, a... Read More »

Does a felony automatically come off your record in Washington state?

The state of Washington does not automatically remove felony convictions from criminal records. Ex-offenders may ask the court to seal or expunge a criminal record after they have served their sent... Read More »