What is the volumetrics diet?

Answer Volumetrics is a diet designed to be a lifetime eating plan that encourages users to stick to the plan by focusing on proportions so no food has to be entirely denied. It offers slow but sustained ... Read More »

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How to Eat out on the Volumetrics Diet?

Chefs at most restaurants feel that patrons should have the ability to decide how much of their dinner you plan to eat. That leaves the responsibility for portion control to you. Think strategicall... Read More »

How to Exercise on the Volumetrics Diet?

Exercise on the Volumetrics diet starts with learning to take at least 10,000 steps per day. After you achieve this goal, if you enjoy walking, then you can continue walking. Otherwise, you can pro... Read More »

How to Feel Full on the Volumetrics Diet?

The Volumetrics diet is designed to help you choose the kinds of foods that will allow you to enjoy larger portion sizes. Bulking up on fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and fiber will help you ... Read More »

How to Eat More With the Volumetrics Diet?

The key principle of the Volumetrics Diet involves choosing the types of foods that you can freely consume in larger portion sizes. As a rule, stick with very low CD and low CD foods when you want ... Read More »