What is the viola?

Answer The viola is the second largest in size of the orchestra's four string instruments. Orchestras usually have 10 to 14 violas, which almost always play a harmony part, according to the Oregon Symphon... Read More »

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What is the meaning of the viola flower in Shakespeare's literature?

The viola appears in several Shakespeare plays, sometimes referred to by other names. Shakespeare didn't choose it at random--the Elizabethans attached special meanings to flowers.Traditional Meani... Read More »

How to Play Viola?

The Viola is a wonderful, beautiful instrument, and being able to play it is a sign of intelligence in music. The viola is NOT an octave lower than the violin and is NOT smaller than a violin, as s... Read More »

How a viola is made?

Master craftsmen use similar techniques when making all instruments in the string family. The viola sounds as the middle voice of the string family, between the highest sounding violin and the 'cel... Read More »

How do I grow Viola odorata?

PreparationPrepare the soil in a moist but well-drained spot in your garden. Select a spot in full sun or partial shade. Dig up the top 6 inches of the soil and rake out any rocks or dirt clods. W... Read More »