What is the vernier caliper used for?

Answer A vernier caliper is an L-shaped instrument with two linear scales that can accurately measure the length, the inner diameter, and the outer diameter of a round object, as well as the depth of a ho... Read More »

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What is a vernier caliper used for?

The vernier caliper is a tool that is often used in a laboratory setting to accurately measure object length, and outer diameters of cylindrical or round objects. A vernier caliper is also effectiv... Read More »

How to Use a Vernier Caliper?

A vernier caliper is used to take measurements that are accurate to within .001 of an inch or .02 of a millimeter, depending whether the vernier is metric or imperial. This set of instructions will... Read More »

What Does a Negative Zero Reading on a Vernier Caliper Mean?

Vernier calipers are used to measure items with great accuracy. Normal measurement units are in centimeters, down to the millimeter engraved along the long arm called the fixed main scale.

Who invented the vernier caliper?

The vernier caliper was invented by Pierre Vernier. The instrument measures very fine gradations of length, to one thousandth of an inch. It is arranged in an L-shape, consisting of a sliding scale... Read More »