What do Venus fly traps eat?

Answer A Venus flytrap eats insects that are lured into its jaw-like traps. The traps secrete a sweet-smelling substance to lure the insects, and the traps close when the trigger hairs are stimulated. The... Read More »

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Where did the name Venus Flytrap come from?

The name for the Venus Flytrap plant came from Arthur Dobbs, the British colonial governor of North Carolina from 1754 to 1765. Dobbs sent a letter to botanist Peter Collinson describing the plant ... Read More »

How to Find Venus?

Venus and the moonVenus is the hottest planet so far discovered. Find Venus tonight or the next morning, following these easy steps.

What does a Venus fly trap eat?

The Venus fly trap is a rare carnivorous plant in that it eats small insects that travel near it, trapping them between its leaves and digesting them with secretions. The plant is still capable of ... Read More »

How many meteorites have hit Venus?

Due to a major resurfacing event approximately 300 million years ago, there is no way to determine the exact amount of meteorites that have impacted Venus throughout history. However, space probes ... Read More »