What is the varicella vaccine?

Answer The varicella-zoster virus is one of the human herpes viruses; when a person first contracts the virus, infection leads to chicken pox. The varicella vaccine can help lower the risks of contracting... Read More »

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Is varicella contagious after the vaccine?

The varicella vaccine helps protect against the common childhood illness chicken pox, caused by the varicella-zoster virus (VZV). In most cases, it is not possible for people to spread VZV after be... Read More »

How do I read my Varicella Zoster?

When you can't visit the doctor, the best thing to do is CALL.Your result was ">100.0". Looking down the list, you find that anything > 19.9 is in the category "Positive".

Is it safe for your child to get the H1N1 vaccine between his 1st and 2nd dose of the seasonal flu vaccine?

Yes, if they are getting both vaccines by injections. That timing of the two kinds of vaccinations (seasonal flu shot and swine flu shot) is not a problem, in fact they could be given at the same t... Read More »

The controversial OPV hypothesis says that HIV was transmitted to humans from chimps after Africans took an oral vaccine that had been cultivated in chimp kidneys What was this vaccine for?