What is the values of young generation?

Answer Physical therapy, speech therapy, and other types of developmental therapy will help the child reach his or her potential.

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Does young generation knows best?

the younger generation is better with technology because it is getting so advanced, but i do not believe that most of the younger generation knows too much. the older generations are more aware of ... Read More »

What is the difference in Pokemon moves from first generation to second generation?

What were the three majordifferences between the first generation design and the final generation design of the gossamer condor?

Yes it will still work in the United Kingdom. There are cell phone towers located across the the entire world.

What are the differences of 1st generation and 2nd generation?

I, being a teenager, would prefer the Dash 3G, but the sidekick's alright too. It depends on the type of person. Different phones do different things for different types of people