What is the value of dramatic play in preschools?

Answer Dramatic play allows preschool children to interact and express reality on their own terms. Through dramatic play, preschoolers begin to understand the world around them. Also known as fantasy or p... Read More »

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Water Play Areas in Preschools?

Children delight in playing and interacting with water; it is an inexpensive, beneficial, relatively available and familiar natural resource. Preschools can provide a variety of indoor and outdoor... Read More »

Safe Outdoor Play for Preschools?

Playing outdoors is important for preschool children. It helps them to develop their muscles and coordination. It also enables them to blow off steam and use energy so they are able to work and pla... Read More »

In preschool, what's the difference between "creative play" and "dramatic play"?

Creative play is painting, drawing, making clay sculptures, art in general.Dramatic play is dressing in costume, dancing, plays, singing, etc..Spent five years working in a daycare.

What is a dramatic play?

Dramatic play teaches new skills and abilities to very young students even as it engages their imaginations through their natural love of play.DefinitionPTO Today defines dramatic play as a structu... Read More »