What is the value of a secret service colt pistol serial number 97285?

Answer Military service always helps, but usually is NOT a requirement.

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What is the age and value of a Smith Wesson 5 shot revolver secret service special on the barrel with serial number 284146?

What is the value of s and w secret service 32 special ctgs serial 8709 says Spain in front of trigger?

What is the value of a 5-shot 32 caliber Iver Johnson Secret Service Special serial B16224 under the grip and 16227 on the bottom?

Yes. Agents working for secret service organisations such as the United State's CIA and the United Kingdoms MI6 have the legal power to arrest anybody on their home soil and potential threats (ie t... Read More »

What is the value of a 32 Smith Wesson Secret Service Special serial nbr 262000 3 inch barrel 5 shot firing pin is triangular at the top of the hammer cylinder spins freely?

Clint Eastwood plays a Secret Service agent in the movie "In the Line of Fire".