What is the value of a salvage vehicle?

Answer A salvage vehicle is a vehicle that has incurred such severe damage that the cost of repairs exceeds a percentage of the vehicle's cost designated by the insurance company as its salvage value. Thi... Read More »

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How to Calculate Salvage Value of a Vehicle?

The salvage value of a vehicle determines how much a car is worth after use, or how much could be earned from selling it. Rather than a precise formula, this price is an estimate. Thus, there are c... Read More »

What is a Salvage Title Motor Vehicle?

States may issue salvage titles for vehicles that sustain damage in floods or other natural disasters. A salvage title usually indicates the vehicle is worth less than the cost to repair it. Salvag... Read More »

Can a salvage title vehicle be insured?

Most insurance providers will insure a vehicle with a salvage title; there are usually special exclusions associated with insuring it. For example, the ability to insure the vehicle for more than b... Read More »

Disadvantages in Buying a Salvage Vehicle?

A car or truck is a salvage vehicle if the insurance company deemed it a total loss, often due to the estimation that the cost to repair the vehicle is more than its value. The vehicle likely has b... Read More »