What is the value of a bar of gold?

Answer On One Hand: Weight VariesThere is no standard weight for a bar of gold. However, according to the United States Department of Energy, the most common weight of gold bars in international transacti... Read More »

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What was the value of gold in 500 BC?

According to Professor D'Arcy Thompson, a Fellow at the Royal Society in the United Kingdom, the value of gold in 500 BC was based on the ratio of the Earth's revolution around the sun and the moon... Read More »

What is the scrap value of 14k gold?

The scrap value of 14K gold is determined by the purity and the spot price of gold. The purity of 14K gold is 0.583 since it is 58.3 percent gold. The spot price of gold changes daily as the gold p... Read More »

What is the value of one Troy ounce of gold?

One Troy ounce of gold, which equals 31.1 grams, is valued at about $1,230, as of May, 2010. In the year previous to May 2010, the value of one Troy ounce of gold ranged from a low of $909 to a hi... Read More »

How do I value gold?

Gold Value FluctuatesOf all metal investments, gold is the most popular. Many add gold to an investment portfolio as a hedge against inflation, as a play against the dollar, and as a means of diver... Read More »