What is the value of a S and W 38 cal secret service handgun with the model?

Answer 50-100 usd

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What handgun does the secret service use?

According to a documentary I just saw, they use the Sig 229.

What is the standard issue handgun for secret service?

Sorry, that information is normally not publicly available until after the sitting president has left the office.

What if secret service is there because president comes to your hotel and you have a licensed handgun?

Generally speaking, if the president is going somewhere, the secret service arrives early to check out the facility. Last year, I played (I play the trumpet) for a vice-presidental function. The se... Read More »

What computer feature was requested by the secret service of hardware manufacturers to be implemented in modern computer equipment to help the secret service fight crime?

unique serial numbers for all hardware devices that can be traced back to you