What is the value of a Bissell antique wooden vacuum cleaner?

Answer If there is any food in the refrigerator, this would be a very bad idea - the food will have gone bad, since the temperature in the refrigerator would reach room temperature in a couple of days. If... Read More »

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Where can you find picture of Bissell antique wooden vacuum cleaners?

Your bissell vacuum cleaner is not sucking up the dirt?

Stable voltage across the motor = (120 - 72) = 48 VR = E / I = 48/3 = 16 ohms.(Assumes power-factor of 1, no reactances, back-emf in phase with the line, etc.)

Is a 1970 electrolux vacuum cleaner an antique?

only leave it in the fridge for about a couple of days because of moisture in fridges

What is the Value of antique Singer plunger vacuum cleaner?

The first automatic vacuum cleaner was patented by Hubert Booth.