What is the value of a 1921 Peace Silver Dollar?

Answer As with any coin, the value of a 1921 Peace Dollar depends on the condition of the coin, with the best-preserved coins having the highest value. In 2010, for the 1,000,000 Peace Dollars produced in... Read More »

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What is a silver dollar worth that is minted in 1921?

Silver dollars made in 1921 are extremely popular, but there are also millions of them in circulation. For this reason, the coin is really only worth the amount of silver it contains, which is roug... Read More »

How to Sell a 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar?

1921 was the last year that Morgan silver dollars were produced by the United States Mint. However, a 1921 Morgan is not a very rare coin, as over 65 million coins were produced. Despite their limi... Read More »

How much is a 1921 Morgan silver dollar worth?

The value of a 1921 Morgan silver dollar depends on its condition and which mint produced it, according to PCGS. 1921 Morgans produced at the Denver mint are worth as little as $16 in poor conditio... Read More »

Is a 1921 american dollar coin worth anything?

On One Hand: It's Worth More than $1Coins almost always increase in value over time. This is true of 1921 American dollar coins, which have a minimum value of around $5 in 2010. There were two type... Read More »