What is the value of French money?

Answer France is in the European Union and uses its official currency, the euro. As of May 2010, one euro was worth U.S. $1.30 or U.K. £0.86. Conversely, one U.S. dollar was worth 0.77 euros and one Brit... Read More »

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What determines the value of money?

Government policies and market forces combine in the global economy to determine the value of money. Value is also influenced by the actions of governments and economies of other nations.FiatIn mod... Read More »

What affects the value of money?

The value of money refers to the amount of goods and services that a given amount of money will purchase. Over time, money tends to lose value as overall price levels rise. This process is called i... Read More »

What Decides the Value of Money?

Most money used in the 21st has no inherent value. Gold and silver standards used to give money a value in precious metals, and through the Bretton Woods system in the 20th century, most currencies... Read More »

Do French Francs have any value?

The French Franc is no longer used as legal tender in France, as the Euro is now France's official currency. However, the exchange value of the franc is fixed at 0.1524490172374104 Euros, and the F... Read More »