What is the usual amount of toes people have?

Answer 10.......

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What is the usual amount of blue crabs caught in a year in the Chesapeake Bay?

According to the Chesapeake Bay Program, the Chesapeake Bay region produces about a third of the blue crab harvest in the United States. The average annual harvest was 73 million pounds from 1968 t... Read More »

What is it when fewer people than usual are voting?

123456789101112just kidding idk the answer thats why u should look some were else

Are there pictures of people with six fingers and six toes?

Six Fingers and Toes Yes there are pictures of people who have a 6th finger. My father and his brothers all had a 6th finger. They have all passed now but it is a family trait. I have photos with m... Read More »

People with a foot fetish, what color should I paint my toes?