What is the usefulness of mathematics in economic analysis?

Answer Economics is first and foremost a mathematical science because it involves the exchange and measurement of goods and services. While there are branches of economics such as behavioral economics tha... Read More »

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What is economic analysis?

Economic analysis means evaluating the various factors that affect the economy. When the economy is in a recession, different strategies are implemented to make it contract or expand.SignificanceTh... Read More »

What is an economic development analysis?

Economic development analysis analyzes the product of economic development such as wealth, job growth, standard of living and people's working conditions. The study also analyzes process of economi... Read More »

Techniques of Economic Analysis?

Economists often analyze and evaluate complex processes involving numerous social, economic, governmental and organizational factors. They use a variety of analytical techniques to isolate the nece... Read More »

Economic Analysis of Copyright Law?

Copyright law protects the creators of written and recorded works, allowing them to earn income from the sale of their works and prohibiting unauthorized copying of these works. Copyright law is a ... Read More »