What is the use of washers on screws?

Answer Anyone familiar with the words "some assembly required" has come across a washer, that flat disc with the hole in the middle. You may wonder, though, what exactly that washer is supposed to do.Well... Read More »

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Are 3/16 nylon washers the same size as 5mm nylon washers?

3/16 nylon washers are the same size as 5mm nylon washers. The only difference between the two washer sizes is the method used to express the size: 3/16 refers to standard U.S. measures and 5mm ref... Read More »

How to Use Metal Washers?

If you have ever assembled most anything at home, you will be keenly familiar with the flat metal part known as a washer. A washer is typically made of stamped metal, is flat and round, and feature... Read More »

Are lg washers good?

On One Hand: Consumer Reports Recommends Two LG ModelsIn 2009, Consumer Reports had reviewed nine current LG washing machine models and gave ratings of "very good" to the washing performance on eig... Read More »

How do I use washers& bolts?

EquipmentEnsure that you are using the right washer for the job. Don't use a washer to allow a bolt to fit in an otherwise too big hole. Use a lock washer if you need a secure connection.SetupPlace... Read More »