What is the use of plants fruits?

Answer Even though costly to a plant to embed its seeds, carrying its own progeny, in resource costly material (take the sweet apple pulp, for instance), plant fruits help scatter the seeds over larger ar... Read More »

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What r hard fruits soft fruits stone fruits citrus tropical?

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What are plants that produce flowers and fruits called?

Angiosperms are the plants that flower and produce fruit, according to Elmhurst College. Four in five plants are angiosperms, and all produce fruit although some go mostly unseen, such as the maple... Read More »

What are plants that produce fruits&seeds called?

Plants that produce fruits and seeds are called angiosperms, or flowering plants. Seeds are enclosed in fruit for protection and to be disbursed. Angiosperms also contain flowers, which contain pol... Read More »

Why do plants grows fruits?

plants grow fruits so that they can produce young ones of their kind..