What is the usb port in a digital cable box for?

Answer When a cable company rents a cable box to a customer, the USB port on the cable box is often disabled. In some cases with some manufacturers of digital video recorders, the USB port can be used for... Read More »

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How do I Enable a USB Port on a Motorola DCT2500 Digital Cable Box?

The Motorola DCT2500 is a cable-based receiver for standard definition programming. It also features a built-in recorder, allowing you to tape and save programming as it appears on the television. ... Read More »

What is the differance between Digital Component Cable & Digital Coaxial Audio cable?

Sorry DB they do differ in what freqs they are 75 ohms of impedance. You could substitute one for the other but your best bet is to use the properly designed cable. Don't forget the 10% max rule BT... Read More »

Can you hook a lan cable from a blue ray player to the ethernet port on a HD cable box to get a wired internet connection?

CD is mainly used for distributing music,while DVD can store more data and used to distribute movies and BLUE RAY can hold up to 50GB.

Cox cable digital cable box new Orleans codes for sentry really big universal remote rmc10?