What is the us tax law's definition of separation from employment?

Answer The Internal Revenue Service defines separation from employment as a situation in which someone no longer works at their place of employment due to a term limit, has been released from his job duti... Read More »

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Illinois Separation Laws?

Legal separation in Illinois is a legal arrangement in which separated spouses agree to live independent of each other both physically and financially. A legal separation is different from divorce ... Read More »

Texas Separation Laws?

The state of Texas does not recognize legal separation, only divorce or annulment. However, the state of Texas does allow for a marital separation agreement that allows the separating couple to div... Read More »

Florida Separation Laws?

Several laws advocate the legal separation of families in Florida. The emancipation of minors, spousal separation, divorce, adoption, and child custody entail some sort of dissolution of the family... Read More »

Common Law & Separation Laws?

In Canada, people who live together without getting married see themselves as spouses and society has a highly tolerant attitude toward this arrangement. But the law treats these common law spouses... Read More »