What is the upload speed of dial up service?

Answer A dial up Internet connection uses a phone line to connect to the Internet. The upload speed for a dial up Internet connection that uses a 56k modem is approximately 7 kilobytes a second.Source:Hel... Read More »

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Can DSL modems be used for a high-speed dial-up service?

On One Hand: DSL is DifferentDSL, or "digital subscriber line," uses a different method to connect to the Internet over a telephone line than dial-up Internet. A DSL Internet connection is delivere... Read More »

What is the difference between dial-up speed and DSL speed?

The difference in speed between DSL and dial-up depends on the type of DSL connection you choose, according to Help With PCs. The slowest DSL lines offer speeds about five times faster than a 56k d... Read More »

What is the speed of AOL dial-up?

All dial-up connections, including America Online, are limited to 56 kilobits per second--53k in practice because of U.S. telephone line regulations, according to HelpWithPCs. However, AOL offers "... Read More »

Good download speed, but weak upload speed on cable modem?

What is the expected upload speed of the plan that you are paying for?Most broadband Internet services including fiber, cable, ADSL and satellite are asymmetric. which just means that more of the b... Read More »