What is the universal remote code for the Harmon Kardon HK 3480?

Answer They go for an average range of $10-$20 on eBay, esp. if it sill has the plastic battery cover and no scratches on the screen.

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What is the correct direct tv remote code for a harmon kardon avr-154?

Universal Remote code for Harman Kardon DVD-38?

Do you have a universal remote with a cable company i.e. comcast? If so, reprogram the universal remote and the tv remote should work as well. You can find the listing of codes for all manufactors ... Read More »

What is the correct directv code for a harmon kardon AVR-154?

I need to know the same question. Works on all my other devices but not my HD DVR

If you have a sylvania personal TV the remote is not working what is the code to use a universal remote the universal remote is a Dish Network?

it depends on receiver model, and electrical code regulations. but to get it to work all you need to do is have a line run from the 1000.2 LNB (port 1 2 or 3) to the receiver. if you have a dual re... Read More »