What is the unit for chi?

Answer There's more to life than evidence, Gary! Just because you can't measure chi, doesn't mean it's not there!Like, science use to know nothing and whenever anybody discovered something they were made... Read More »

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Is the owner of a condo unit responsible for water damages from a leak in his unit to a unit below?

Only if the owner above was negligent somehow. A pipe simply bursting suddenly and without warning would not trigger any liability of the unitowner. However, if the unitowner above was filling his... Read More »

What is the difference between an assigned unit and a tenant unit on a military base?

The Air Force does not want the Army to have fixed-wing combat aircraft; so as the F-35 replaces the A-10, the A-10's taken out of service will be smashed to bits and then melted down to scrap meta... Read More »

What is the most recent marine corps unit to received the Presidential Unit citation?

Under what conditions is a unit REQUIRED to conduct a unit environmental self-assessment?

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