What is the uniform child custody act?

Answer Properly, it's suppose to require one state to honor a custody award from another state, but as regards custodial fathers, in reality it has little power.

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Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act in Virginia?

Virginia follows the Uniform Child-Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, which limits the court's power to create child custody orders or modify those made in other states unless the court adhe... Read More »

Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act in Missouri?

When a family's child custody dispute spans Missouri and another U.S. state, the legal issues become more complicated. The parties must decide which state's court will hear the child custody case a... Read More »

If i have shared custody and my ex's husband is hitting my child and i have made a child abuse complaint should i assume full custody and not let my child return there since the social services knows?

If your ex husband it hitting your child just tell the police they will talk care of all the confusing stuff and they might bring your ex husband to jail cause you broke up and he isn't in your fam... Read More »

Can a family court judge refuse to sign over jurisdiction according to the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act?

Answer Yes, the UCCJEA is very complicated and there can be innumerable reasons a presiding judge will take aforementioned action. The interpretation of the legal issues covered are always subject... Read More »