Is soul food the most unhealthiest food you can possibly eat?

Answer I would like to take issue with you. I love soul food and there are definitely healthier alternatives to making it. I have replaced the ham hock with turkey wings, but in the last few years in an e... Read More »

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The unhealthiest state?

okay first off obesity has increased do to the easy ability to get to foods high in calories. also with technology getting more advance people are getting primitive exercise. also, most parents wor... Read More »

What is the unhealthiest thing you can eat?

I bet deep fried mars bars in batter, served with syrup and cream is even worse ;-)

Why is it that everywhere else in the world, food is yummy and healthy, whereas in the western world?

I think you are wrong as I see we have come to spurn our local foods and the traditional wat they are made as everyone seems to want to spice it up.Yes some asian foods do have some wonderful tast... Read More »

Which is the best food in the world?

home cooked AMERICAN foodfried chickenmashed potatoes fresh corn on the cobor a nice biog t-bone steak on the grill outside :-)