Signs of the Underground Railroad?

Answer The "Underground Railroad" was a term used to describe secret routes used by American slaves to escape to northern states, or Canada, during the first half of the 19th century. Fleeing slaves might... Read More »

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Activities on the Underground Railroad?

The Underground Railroad was a decentralized group of people who helped thousands of slaves from states in the southern United States escape to freedom in the northern states and Canada, and someti... Read More »

Ideas for a Diorama of the Underground Railroad?

During the mid-1800s, the Underground Railroad brought freedom to thousands of slaves in the United States and hope to many more. Their journey to freedom still fascinates historians today. An Unde... Read More »

Underground Railroad Activities for Kids?

The Underground Railroad was the code name given to an escape system for slaves during the 19th century. This escape system was made up of different routes and safe houses that led slaves from the ... Read More »

Underground Railroad Projects for Middle School?

The underground railroad was a secretive network of passages to help move slaves to the free states and Canada before the abolition of slavery. Safe houses were marked by lanterns on hitching posts... Read More »