Ugliest woman ever?

Answer well have you ever seen Jade Goody crying???that surely cant be beaten, definatley the worlds earliest woman ever

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Is it just me or are ankle boots the ugliest shoe ever made....ugh?

They're ok for wearing under jeans etc where you can't tell but yes I must admit I wouldn't dream of wearing them with a skirt!!

Is oprah winfrey the ugliest talk show host ever?

you all are forgetting tammy faye baker & jim j bullocka whole buttload of ugly in one hourwhy the thumb down?!?!? bet you don't even know who they are!

Hello ladies,is it me or are ankle boots, the ugliest shoe ever made?

yes they are and THANK YOU!!! i love shoes, and boots, and have waaaaaay to many of both, but no ankle boots, they look terrible with trousers and even worse with skirts, i thought it was just me, ... Read More »

What is the sexiest piercing for a girl to get and wots the ugliest?

besides the ears i think all others are gross