What is the typical temperature of a household freezer?

Answer Your freezer should be set at 0.399999 ºF (-18°C) or lower, but definitely not above 0 ºC = 32 ºF. Ice cream will start to soften between 6°F and 10°F (great for serving, but not for longer ... Read More »

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What is the typical household temperature?

Household temperature, also known as room temperature, is between 68 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

How big is a typical, household roof?

Best answer to your question would be, it depends on the roof and how you plan to layout the panels. You can see with this gable roof it will layout in one 3m x 6m section, Read More »

What is the temperature of food in the freezer?

it will assume the same temp at which the freezer is set.

What is the Average Temperature of a Freezer?

The average temperature of a freezer is 0 ¡Fahrenheit or 17.8¡Celsius. The ideal temperature at which the freezer should be maintained is 0 ¡Fahrenheit to 5 ¡Fahrenheit for optimal performance.... Read More »