What is the typical age for the onset of breast cancer?

Answer On One Hand: Breast Cancer Usually Effects Older Women.Approximately 77 percent of breast cancer cases occur in women over 50 years of age. According to the National Cancer Institute, from 2002 to ... Read More »

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Are beef hormones linked to premature onset of puberty&breast cancer?

On One Hand: Potential LinkThe European Union (EU) has banned-hormone treated beef since the 1980s because of the risk of cancer. The Iowa State University lists estrogen as one of the growth hormo... Read More »

Why is it we have breast cancer awareness pins to wear and show support...breast cancer walks?

Typically, it's the big fish that makes the biggest splash.While watching the Oscars, they honoured Jerry Lewis and they said he was responsible for raising $2 billion for MS.$2 billion bucks and I... Read More »

My paternal grandmother died of breast cancer. Does that increase my chances of developing breast cancer?

Breast cancer is common enough that having a grandparent who contracted the disease does not necessarily mean that you have any predisposition to it yourself. Just be vigilant, and you'll be fine.

I have lumps and knots in my breast and sad thing is that the doctor is not believing its breast cancer?

Don't freak out, it's probably just benign cysts. They are very normal in girls going through puberty. But I would DEFINITELY get a second opinion