What is the type of cable that I should buy to connect my computer to my tv?

Answer You do not want a particula cable or adapter. They just do not work in most cases, becasue most computers cannot be set to use them.What you want is a VGA to TV converter box. It wil have a VGA inp... Read More »

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What type of cable should I use to connect to a Micro USB?

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable connects many different types of devices to a computer in order to transfer data. The Micro USB socket requires a type B USB connector.References:Lammertbies: ... Read More »

How do I connect two Type II cards in a PCMCIA Type III slot on a laptop computer?

Insert the 68-pin edge of the first Type II card into the top half of the Type III adapter slot. Push the card in until the connector clicks, and the ejector lever pops up.Insert the second Type II... Read More »

What type of cable is used to connect a laptop to a projector?

A VGA cable is necessary to connect a laptop to a projector. Connect one end to the laptop's external video port and the other to the "Computer In" port on the projector.References:"Meeting tomorro... Read More »

What type of cable is needed to connect HD Direct TV?

You will either need a composite(not component) cable or a HDMI cable. I think you can use S-Video but S-Video doesn't compare to HDMI or composite.