While watching a movie, do you tend to close your eyes whenever something scary or disgusting is happening?

Answer I only ever look away if it is something to do with fingernails being ripped off - I can watch everything else.

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Your favorite movie with a twist ending?

What are some differences from the book oliver twist to the movie?

If you mean the musical movie Oliver!, the plot is much sanitized. The girls are not prostitutes, Fagin is not a pedophile nor is his Jewish heritage mentioned. And at the end of the movie, Fagin p... Read More »

Character Sketch Of Oliver Twist Oliver Twist?

An infant is born of a dying mother in a parish workhouse. Old Sally, attending the birth and death, takes from the dying woman a locket and ring. Bumble, the beadle, names the boy Oliver Twist. Ol... Read More »

Why is this happening....?

You got your line tampered or they had an extended connection on your line.Ask the nearest telephone station near you.