What is said at the end of the Twilight Zone?

Answer Each episode had it's own soliloquy (most by Rod Serling, but there were a couple of episodes that didn't have one, and one that ended with a folk song). Each one was unique to itself.

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What are The Twilight Zone robots?

There have been many robots featured in theTwilight Zone. In the original series, robots appeared in episodes such as "Elegy", "The Lonely", "I Sing the Body Electric", "In His Image" and "The Late... Read More »

What actor plays the eye in Twilight Zone?

No. Torchwood is fiction. No 'government organisation' can be 'beyond the government' it is impossible. i mean separate to the government, mabye not studting aliens, but technology etc. Something a... Read More »

What is the scariest twilight zone episode?

"The Grave" starring Lee Marvin and Lee Van Cleef ; see related link below to an episode summary .

What is the creepest Twilight Zone episode?