What was that show about some girl named Lulu or something and she had her own comedy show?

Answer The Electric Company

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After the ultimate fighter show is done tapeing can the fighters talk about what happen on the show?

St. James Infirmary BluesI went down to St. James Infirmary,Saw my baby there,Set down on a long white table,So sweet, so cold, so fair.Let her go, let her go, God bless her,Wherever she may be,She... Read More »

What is the tv show on a few years back that is similar to X-Files It is not Fringe or any shows currently on tv It was about monsters instead of aliens What is the name of the tv show?

possibly special unit 2 which is being shown on the horror channel on Sky

Is the show arrow a good show and what is it about?

It's an okay show, kinda slow, but worth a watch.It's about Oliver Queen. He was stranded on an island but is back now. His father (dead) was a billionaire and he used to be mean, but not anymore. ... Read More »

On the show mad about you paul's dad what on tv with what talk show host?