What is drop c guitar tuning?

Answer Drop C tuning is an alternate form of tuning a guitar, as opposed to the standard E-A-D-G-B-E tuning scheme.NotesDrop C tuning consists of tuning the strings to C, G, C, F, A and D in order from lo... Read More »

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What does drop-d tuning sound like on a guitar?

Many guitar players change tuning to create a fuller sound, such as tuning all six strings to an open chord when played without fretting (known as an open tuning). One tuning method that simulates ... Read More »

How to Tune a Guitar to Drop C Tuning?

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How to Fix a Broken Tuning Peg on a Guitar?

Fixing a broken tuning peg on a guitar requires replacing it with a new unit. Guitars are fitted with two types of tuning pegs: in-line pegs, of three to six connected pegs, or single pegs. The tun... Read More »

How to Tune a Guitar to CG Tuning?

Although you can play most songs with your guitar in standard tuning, many musicians use alternate tunings to make fingerings easier in a certain key or to give the song a unique flavor or texture ... Read More »