What is the "truth is" thing on Facebook?

Answer it means tell the truth or take a poop

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What is the grossest thing/food you have ever eatten Tell the truth..?

Weeeellll, I was in a lil town called York, Alabama. And I do believe that I was about 12 years old, or there abouts. My grandmama had made some fine strips of grilled meat. Crispy, almost black... Read More »

Do you think I should do a truth is on facebook?

Just say nice things about everyone and they will like it.Don't brag about yourself.

The Truth About McDonald's (Warning: VERY disturbing) Facebook fanpage; What is it?

I saw that, it's all this crap about McDonalds feeding their chickens all sorts of **** and keeping them in the dark and im like they buy their chicken from Tyson! It's a bunch of bullshit don't wo... Read More »

Is this a racist thing to say on Facebook?