What is the truth in sentencing law?

Answer The Truth in Sentencing Law refers to the policy initiative to make criminals serve the actual number of years they are sentenced to, rather than a lower number from early parole.LocationTruth in s... Read More »

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Types of Sentencing Law?

Often lost in the chaos of accusation, investigation and trial is the sentencing process where a judge imposes a punishment on a person convicted of a crime. In order to safeguard the rights of def... Read More »

What Is "Set Over Sentencing" in Oregon Law?

Set-over sentencing is a method incorporated into Oregon law that resembles postponement. The state has legislation that allows for postponement of sentencing under certain criteria and circumstances.

What Happens During Sentencing in Arizona?

Getting arrested and appearing in an Arizona criminal court is a stressful experience. It is important to have an understanding of the legal process to help you get through this challenging time. A... Read More »

OWI Sentencing Guidelines in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin doesn't have statewide sentencing guidelines. Each county and district court set their own. Milwaukee County is a major population center in Wisconsin and is under the First District Cou... Read More »